Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Oh hey Jimmy, don't mind us we were just having a read through this diary of yours. I must say I had no idea you had fantasizes about been a girl! Don't worry sweetpea we won't tell. In fact we're going to help make your dreams come true. You wanna become one of the girls?

The tape

Hello Adam.
Ahh! Who are you what are you doing here, my names not Adam...It's err...Jenny!
You can drop the act Adam, I know you're really a boy.
But how?
Because I am your neighbour and I have been watching you dress up and parade around your home like you're some cat walk model behind your wifes back, and now I've got it all on tape.
Luckily for you I'm a kind man and I think you're quite sexy dressed like this. So maybe you can do something for me that would stop me showing this tape to your wife?
What do you have in mind?
I think you know what...get on your knees Jenny...

It takes 3

This is Robbie on the left, not the guy but the one cuddled up to him. Robbie loved dressing up as a girl for me. We made a cute lesbian couple behind closed doors. At first Robbie didn't want to share our kinky lifestyle with another person, especially not a man. But after introducing him to David he ended up seeing the benefits of having a real man around the place. Now we're in a 3 way relationship and life is just perfect even if Robyn always gets first dibs on David's cock...

Porn film

That's it hubby look up at him just like that. This video is going to be the best yet. We're going to earn so much money...


I did my hair in pigtails just like he asked. It wasn't just to make me a cuter sissy but it appeared to have a practical benefit as well.


Wear the uniform he ordered...start wearing make up he ordered...grow out your hair he ordered...shave your legs and crotch he ordered...ben over the desk he did all these things not out of fear but because you were just waking up to the fact you were made to be ordered around and become your bullies sissy bitch...

Free service

I'm sorry Mrs. Eaton but I need the money now, my plumbing services aren't for free. 

Well maybe we can come to some kind of arrangement. Carl I would like to introduce you to my daughter Melaine. She may be able to settle this debt and unlike you her services are for free. 

Auntie what are you doing I'm not ready.

Ready or not it's time my sweet sissy daughter, you need to use the skills I've taught you and get us out of this mess. 

Oh...okay auntie, I'll try.

Good girl, Now work your magic.